Warm-up Routine

A proper warm-up is all about getting your body ready for the workout to come. In large part, that means your joints and connective tissue. A good warm-up will start to get these “loose” and lubricated. Also, getting some blood into the area is a prime way to prevent injury. If you want to get through life without developing tendonitis, STOP skipping your warm up. This is to be done BEFORE your weight training workouts; it should take about 10 min. This can also be done as a simple bodyweight circuit when you don’t have access to a gym. Just set a clock for 30 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can.

For volume, you can implement this a couple of ways: You can perform each movement for about 60 seconds or you can designate a number of reps to complete for each exercise.

The exercises:

  • Kneeling Hip Stretch (0:05)
  • Tactical Frog (0:29)
  • Side-lying Clam (1:08)
  • Glute Thrust (1:35)
  • One-Leg Glute Thrust + Leg Whip (1:49)
  • Quadruped Hip Circle (2:10)
  • Squat-to-Stand (2:23)
  • Inchworm (2:50)
  • Spiderman Lunge (3:07)
  • Thoracic Rotation (3:24)