Here is what some current and past clients have had to say…

“Have been attending Tony’s Transformations Fitness Group Metabolic classes for a few years now. LOVE the classes, the energy, the variety of routines he puts us through.”

–  Vickie O. (posted on Thumbtack)

“I believe that Tony and his Transformation Fitness Program present an innovative, total approach to overall health, knowledge, and well-being.”

–  Lin T. (posted on Yelp)

“After completing my first weight-loss challenge, I was literally in the best shape of my life. I learned how to work out better, eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.”

–  Farah C. (posted on Thumbtack)

“When I first started I could barely make it up 3 flights of stairs without getting winded. Now I have lost nearly 10 pounds and gained so much energy and stamina that I can make it up the Koko Head trail!”

–  Aaron T. (posted on Yelp)

“[He] gets to know each student on an individual level. Tony is supportive, attentive and dedicated to helping you meet your specific goals and to achieve success.”

–  Trina C. (posted on Yelp)

“[At 71 years old] I’ve lost 15% of my body weight and have been able to keep it down over the course of the one year of training.”

–  Ron Y. (posted on Thumbtack)

“He [Tony] will without a doubt help you start your fitness journey if you’re a beginner or give you that tough challenge, if you’re more experienced!”

–  Chelsea L. (posted on Thumbtack)

“Going with this method of working out is really the smart way about getting healthy with the least impact on your body. I’ve taken boot camp classes throughout the country, and I have to say that he incorporates the good part of what they try to achieve but without the injury of the high impact.”

–  Brenda M. (posted on Yelp)