The Best Coffee Add-Ins

The coffee experience is full of choices. There is the initial choice of cream and/or sugar, decaf or not, but then there is dark roast, medium roast or light roast; Arabica or Robusta; single origin or blend; espresso, drip or cold brew. Add in all the possible milk options, syrups and flavors and you can … Continue reading The Best Coffee Add-Ins

Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy?

Take 100 people on a diet; who will be the most successful? Fat loss comes down to a few basics: Eat a sub-maintenance number of caloriesConsume quality foods that keep us satisfied, fueled, healthy, and hormonally balanced Engage in a weight training practiceSprinkle in some cardioInclude a lot of movement outside the gym Maybe that's a … Continue reading Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy?