The Best Coffee Add-Ins

The coffee experience is full of choices. There is the initial choice of cream and/or sugar, decaf or not, but then there is dark roast, medium roast or light roast; Arabica or Robusta; single origin or blend; espresso, drip or cold brew. Add in all the possible milk options, syrups and flavors and you can … Continue reading The Best Coffee Add-Ins

Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Chances are, you either want (or need) to work, you want to keep up good nutrition habits, and exercise. But if you’re not used to exercising at home and/or working from home and/or taking care of kids who are also stuck home. These changes and the accompanying stress are probably not making things easy. Working … Continue reading Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy?

Take 100 people on a diet; who will be the most successful? Fat loss comes down to a few basics: Eat a sub-maintenance number of caloriesConsume quality foods that keep us satisfied, fueled, healthy, and hormonally balanced Engage in a weight training practiceSprinkle in some cardioInclude a lot of movement outside the gym Maybe that's a … Continue reading Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy?