Fasting: The Natural Detox

There are many ways to "detox" and "cleanse" the body these days. Juices, spa treatments, various infusions and so on. Truthfully, the body is very adept to cleansing itself. It's our job to feed it the beneficial nutrients and ingest enough water each day. That's not to much to ask, is it? One of the … Continue reading Fasting: The Natural Detox

My Top Personal Development Books

The conversation started about sleep. "What should I do when I'm laying in bed and can't get to sleep?" After I suggested to read a little bit to focus the mind... "What should I read?" I asked about current interests. Personal development came up. This excited me.  Other than fitness, I've probably spent more money, … Continue reading My Top Personal Development Books

5 Questions for Fat Loss

Most people have heard about how to eat for fat loss, but they can’t figure out what to eat when it comes times for a meal. That’s because they’re asking themselves the wrong questions. To get the most out of this, keep these questions available and make sure to ask yourself the following before your … Continue reading 5 Questions for Fat Loss

The Super Shake

Protein Powder and The Super Shake The following is an actual lesson from my nutrition coaching program. Along with learning what essential habits to work on, you'll be sent a daily lesson that pertains to the habit you're working on. This program leaves no stone unturned in getting you in the best shape of your life.  Eating … Continue reading The Super Shake