Group Metabolic Training

Group Metabolic training is designed to burn maximum fat in minimum time using only a couple short, high intensity strength and conditioning sessions per week.

The workouts are unique; designed to be challenging and effective, yet fun. The best part is that it is done with the support of other people looking to achieve their goals and elevate their level of fitness.

My philosophy for these workouts involves the use of compound functional movements done in a circuit-training format for maximum fat loss and muscle toning. Only the most effective exercises are done at our Group Metabolic training sessions — without wasting any time jogging, doing aerobic exercises, or other ineffective exercises.

  • You will get great results, and you will have fun doing so. Seriously.
  • You will see fat loss with a couple workouts per week in our high-intensity training program.
  • You will become strong, slim, and lean with our metabolic-training program.
  • You will improve your heart, lungs, endurance, and overall fitness level with our cardiovascular circuits.
  • You will boost energy, reduce stress, improve your posture, and be prepared for the demands of everyday life with our functional total body workouts.

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