Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Chances are, you either want (or need) to work, you want to keep up good nutrition habits, and exercise. But if you’re not used to exercising at home and/or working from home and/or taking care of kids who are also stuck home. These changes and the accompanying stress are probably not making things easy. Working … Continue reading Work From Home (WFH) Guide

Why Your Beliefs About Exercise Matter

We all know exercise is great for us. But did you know that your mindset about exercise can make a big difference in how it affects you? Genetic Truths? A recent study in the prestigious scientific research journal, Nature, showed that when people were told they have genes that predispose them to respond poorly to exercise, their bodies start to respond … Continue reading Why Your Beliefs About Exercise Matter

My Top Personal Development Books

The conversation started about sleep. "What should I do when I'm laying in bed and can't get to sleep?" After I suggested to read a little bit to focus the mind... "What should I read?" I asked about current interests. Personal development came up. This excited me.  Other than fitness, I've probably spent more money, … Continue reading My Top Personal Development Books