Simple and Healthy: Ice Cream

In a previous post in this blog, I highlighted some aspects about dairy. I already mentioned to switch your milk for better milk alternatives. But what about the second most-consumed dairy product (after milk)?  Read below.

Rather than rehash any of the information that I wrote about dairy already (READ HERE), I’ll cut right to the cheese (sorry for the terrible pun). Most of the ice cream in-stores do not fit any of the criteria for eating dairy:

  • Full-fat
  • Unpasteurized
  • From grass-fed cows

Therefore, I don’t have any solid recommendations. Häagen-Dazs is better than most, since they don’t pollute their ice cream with chemicals and stabilizers. Although, it still doesn’t meet 2 of the 3 criteria above.

Frustrated by this, I bought an ice cream maker (since I wouldn’t buy ice cream at grocery stores). I also bought the Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts recipe book to experiment. This is where I got the template for my own ice cream recipe below.

Tony’s Dairy Free, Low Carb, Healthy Fat and Protein-Rich Ice Cream Recipe

Four ingredients. That’s all you need to make a simple and delicious homemade ice cream!

Before you start anything, you’ll need to have an ice cream maker. They’re fun to have, are durable and are well worth the investment, especially considering the money you’ll save from expensive pints of commercial ice cream. The model I’m using in the video is HERE.

2 C of Coconut Milk (canned)
1 C of Milk (almond, cashew, pea, etc.)
2-4 Eggs
2-3 Scoops Protein Powder

This is easy. Throw all the ingredients above in a blender.  Add the mix to the ice bucket in your ice cream maker while it’s on and stirring. Do something else for 20-30 minutes. Once the texture starts to resemble ice cream, scoop out and enjoy!

What about healthy toppings?

Here’s a list of great toppings to add texture and flavor to your ice cream: maca powder, cacao nibs, nuts, nut butter, turmeric, dark chocolate chunks, hemp seeds, etc.

Let me know how yours turns out in the comments below.

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