One Simple Tip For Portion Control

Prior to your main meals of the day, drink a protein shake, ideally 10 minutes before the meal. This tip works even better when making a thicker shake by using ice and a blender. Why? Because a thicker shake takes up more volume in the stomach, and that’s the purpose of this pre-meal shake. You’re more likely to eat less calories overall in your meal because of the shake prior.

That is the ultimate key to fat loss: eating less.

This is also a great practice when heading to the grocery store or a restaurant. Doing this will stave off uncomfortable hunger pangs and will keep your head clear to make better food decisions when buying at the store or ordering at a restaurant.

Make sure to drink the shake 10-30 minutes before the meal or it will defeat the purpose. You’re not using it merely for additional protein, but as a tool to reduce subsequent food intake.

And contrary to popular belief, not all protein shakes are the same. Different ingredients do different things and there is a variety of sources that proteins can come from. Look for quality whey proteins (from grass-fed cows), plant-based sources or collagen protein.

clear drinking glass with strawberry


I’m always looking for and thinking of things that can “automate” my behaviors to make fat loss easier. If you’re on a diet and your portions are reduced, having that shake will still leave you satisfied even when eating less than usual. And if you are “free-eating” (no planned portions) the pre-meal shake will prevent splurges. Don’t forget to do this prior to grocery shopping and eating out to limit junk food consumption.

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